We are a new couple to the Royal Arsenal Riverside Community, and so far we have found it awesome! There is a real community vibe amongst the residents and we have enjoyed meeting some of our neighbours and getting involved in the community Facebook groups.

Nicky works as a part time documentary maker/cinematographer and Bex works as a part time musician. The rest of our time is spent on juicing ALOT of fruit and veg for you guys!

Bex has worked in a juice bar in Central London where she learnt and grew her own knowledge in the area. Nicky studied and graduated with a degree in Sport & Exercise Science so he has knowledge in nutrition and how the body works. We have both experimented with and completed a number of juice cleanses over the years and observed awesome results.

We love juicing and are happy to help with any questions or offer advice. We also help individuals and families learn more about juicing and plant-based diets. We have both studied deeply into juicing & cleansing and will publish some cool resources on our blog for our readers and visitors.

We look forward to offering free talks on veganism/juicing and music concerts in the local area soon. If you would like Bex to do any house concerts here is some of her own music if you’d like to take a listen:

Listen here

We are both also very passionate about Divine Truth teachings and are happy to chat about that if anyone is interested. You can learn more about Divine Truth here:

Divine Truth FAQ

We’d like to thank you for your time in stopping by our website, and if you’d like to order juices from us, we look forward to meeting you soon!

‘Til then,

Nicky & Bex