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Hi Guys

We are very excited to bring fresh cold-pressed juices to your door!

Our juices are as fresh as can be, juiced to order! We collect produce as and when we need it, to ensure freshness and reduce waste. We really didn’t want to use plastic bottles but due to cost we have had to, however as things develop, we will explore this further.

So…. WHY JUICE? Well your GI tract is INTIMATELY connected to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The accumulation of acids and toxins in the body obstruct the flow of energy. Remove the obstructions with alkaline fluids and healing is the natural result. Apple, Beet, Celery, cucumber juice are all high in energy, minerals, living water, antioxidants and is good for the liver and gallbladder.

Juices are great for soothing inflammation in the small and large intestine as well as in the brain. You can clear up skin problems, weight issues, aches and pains by giving the body a rest from digesting food and allowing the body to focus on cleaning up residual waste and proteins. It is remarkable what happens when the body is flushed with fresh juice! In this day and age we eat to suppress our emotions very often, the easiest way to feel comforted and avoid the stresses of the day is to have a heavy meal, however from research we’ve been finding that suppressing your emotions actually creates a lot of problems within the body. Emotions are energy in motion so as soon as we shut our emotions down we stagnate our bodies energy system, hence slowing down our digestion and heal and repair mechanisms. If you can allow yourself to feel your emotions whilst juice cleansing you will find that your body and your whole self will feel a lot lighter. Courtney Pool is an expert on looking at emotional eating and has great resources and advice on this subject, this blog post of hers is particularly helpful:Β emotional eating.

We recommend the following resources if you would like to look further into juice cleansing/detoxing and health:

Courtney Pool

Courtney has personally helped Becks a lot with emotional issues regarding food and emotions passed down from our mothers. She is an expert in healing emotional eating and we just cant recommend her highly enough. She offers private Skype coaching to help people juice cleanse or deal with any food issues, she is so gentle and kind and un judgemental that it makes for very easy chats. She also has great youtube videos on the subject: here

Dan Macdonald

Dan is an interesting guy, he experiments on juice cleansing and fasting. Whilst we don’t agree with everything he says, we love his passion for experimenting and he offers a huge wealth of knowledge on juice recipes and juicing.

Perry Haldenby

Perry went from living and working as a bar tender to cleaning up his health and becoming a thriving vegan fitness enthusiast who works on growing organic produce. His knowledge of plants from planting them to knowing how they work in your body, along with his fitness knowledge, make him a wealth of great knowedge. He lives in London if you wanted any coaching on juicing/fitness/gardening.

Kris CarrΒ 

Kris Carr went from having a 3 month life span due to liver cancer to living a very happy, healthy vibrant life and now she shares everything she has learnt about health. She has great recipes and tips on all things health!

Natalia Rose

Natalia Rose explains why juicing is so good for you. She describes the body as a pressure system and explains how built up gasses etc affect every area of our body and mind! this blog is great on explaining how she views deep tissue cleansing.



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